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City of Cultural Assets

City of Cultural Assets

Go visit the sightseeing spots in Kawachinagano, find and scan QR codes!
If you achieve more than one spot at each zone, you can win a present!
Let's register now and start!

Rules and Registration

There are three zones and each zone has some spots to visit.
Scan a QR code and access a special site and tap "Stamp".
Repeat this procedure and when you collect more than one stamp at each zone you get "Mission Clear".
When you achieve "Mission Clear" you will receive "Achievement Mail" to the account you have registered. Show the mail screen to the staff at the Tourist Information Office at Kawachinagano station and you will get a present.

Rules and Registration Rules and Registration
1.Sake Brewery Lone, Koya Kaido 2.Kanshinji Temple 3.Enmeiji Temple
1.Kuromarokan [Local History Museum] 2.Osaka Prefectural Flower Gorden 3.Okukawachi Kuromaro Village 4.General Forestry Center [Kinkonkan]
1.Amanosan Kongoji Temple 2.Kansai Cycle Sports Center 3.Osaka Prefecture Takihata Dam 4.Takihata Lakeside Tourism Restaurant
  • This is a game to participate using a device with QR code reading functionality (smart phones, cell phones, etc.)
  • You can be on foot or ride a bike, go by motorcycle, car or bus. Any transportation is OK.
  • The limited term of the game is 2 years since the first access so it's possible to start again from the place you have achieved before.
  • You can get one present for one spot rally.
  • If you use a device that can't use cookies (HTTP Cookies), you will be asked to log in each time reading QR code.
  • If you can't read a QR code due to blot or breakage, please contact Kawachinagano Tourist Agency Office. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Because of bad reception or performance of the device there may be cases you can't access the site. We appreciate your understanding.
  • We are not responsible for any accident or injury during the rally.

Let's register and start!